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Here are some case studies, highlighting our services

Case Study 1

Stove had issues with the fire being uncontrollable. After changing the grazed glass and heat rope, we also took the opportunity to refresh the heat bricks. Customer has reported the stove is like brand new and works like a charm!

Case Study 2

Customer called us to look at a stove that has never worked and filled the room with smoke. Diagnosed as flue was too short, we fitted a new pot with the Fluecube cowl, swept through and fire now operates as it should.

Case Study 3

After a stove fitter installed a new stove and fireplace, we were called to tile the fire surround and clean and scrub the hearth of paint that had been left.

Case Study 4

Stove fitted with bolted in heat baffles that had burnt away. We custom made and fitted new baffle walls keeping the fire safely in the stove and further damaging the stove walls.