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Prices are based upon appliance construction + distance covered, they exclude replacement of consumable items, e.g. heat rope, fire bricks etc.

Lined appliances

For lined flues (Stainless steel, twin wall or masonry/clay construction) prices start from £65.00

Unlined appliances / Open fires

For stoves or open fires installed into brick unlined flues prices start from £85.00, this is because as standard we will CCTV survey and record the footage to ensure structural integrity and soundness of the brickwork and mortar joints. CCTV recordings are then sent to customer.

Large inglenook, open range cookers, kiln dryers, biomass boilers

Inglenook fires and biomass / kiln dryers take considerable more time for sheeting up and servicing and are charged on a per job basis.

Please note for oil or solid fuel ovens – It is important to tie in a chimney sweep with the range annual service. please book us in for the day before the annual service to ensure all soot is removed and will not continue to fall during service.

Live bird / dormant nest removal

If you have a bird trapped in a flue prices start from £35.00 and will be cctv surveyed after. Birds nest removal is charged from £85 for a 90 minute booking for sweep + CCTV survey, then £30 per hour after that, depending on size of nest and years left dormant etc. Please see our T&C’s regarding nesting seasons.

CCTV surveys

If you just require a CCTV survey without sweeping to ensure flue integrity prices start from £45.00, a writeup will follow noting any faults or defects, and recordings will be sent to customer.

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